The ability to build Rapport is an essential skill when it comes to building quality trusted relationships. This can be intuitive for some and difficult for others. In many cases it can be time consuming as communication goes through the various stages outlined in The Rapport Pyramid™.View/Download Rapport Builder Flyer

The Rapport Builder™ will dramatically equip you to rapidly build both personal & professional rapport. After answering 12 questions on-line about the person you wish to connect with, you will receive a comprehensive profile of that person, based on your perceptions. The profile will contain powerful information comparing you both and describing how you can improve communication, enhance relationships and develop connection strategies which will rapidly build rapport and significantly reduce the potential for conflict.View/Download Rapport Builder Sample 



We all know the experience of a ‘personality clash’. Attempting to connect with those who just “push our buttons” usually causes us to react, dislike, or even distrust the other party, often leaving us feeling antagonistic towards them. Then there are those who just seem to react to us. They display unease and appear to be uncomfortable in our company. Unfortunately these are often the people we are seeking to influence.

A more accurate description for this poor connection would be a ‘temperament misunderstanding’. This suggests that a solution can be found, rather than merely accepting the status quo and coping with a relational failure. The solution is to build rapport; easy to say, but often hard to achieve. Rapport is a process as well as an outcomeView/Download Master Rapport Builder Sample .

Master Rapport Builder™ contains valuable information about how to adapt behaviour in order to build rapport. Along with your varies copies of The Rapport Builder™ which provides exact instruction on how to adapt and build relationships, this poweful combination provides all you require In order to take your relationships to a new level. If we are to succeed socially and or commercially, it is vital that we develop our relationships. Strong business partnerships thrive on a professional rapport where understanding of one another is intuitive and all parties share a determined commitment to one another’s success.View/Download Master Rapport Builder (Coach) Sample